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Prisoner To Lust: Prologue

    The year 2070 is a strange and wonderful place where major advances in medicine and robotics have brought great cures and frighteningly human robots.  The United States has undergone a few changes for the prosperity of freedom and capitalism which has benefited from these breakthroughs.  One of these is namely the ability to design and create human robots, these robots are only robots in the idea that they are empty vessels that are only ready to take orders or to be harvested for the good of mankind.

    War has come to a halt in the world of rich countries leaving only the poor to continue fighting and killing each other for foolish reasons beyond their own comprehensions.  All major governments of the world are locked in capitalistic trade and with all benefiting from this trade none are willing to ruin this with war.  Before I was born M.A.D.(Mutually Assured Destruction) was enforced with nuclear weapons but now the almighty dollar has surpassed even the greatest weapons developed by mankind.

    Why am I telling you this?  Simply because as soon as I told you about human robots you thought the same thing our governments thought when they were first being developed... cheap soldiers.  By the time the technology matured the reason for this cheap army dissipated quickly and any countries still at war were too poor to even afford the promise of this technology.  Even using them for defense of our nations was cancelled as even our biggest ships were now only manned by 100s of sailors and the only things to see a front line were full of metal, bullets and oil.

    Not everything is perfect in our utopia though and the biggest problem still plaguing the world is a huge prison population and as the governments have become even bigger pussies they will not even sentence even a single person to death anymore.  However this didn't make them any less creative in their resolve towards the prison population that now numbered in the tens of millions.  The first thing major governments decided to do is turn over control of the prisons to private corporations in order to push larger capitalistic views and lessen government spending on the people they no longer knew what to do with.

    That's when Dr. Alfred Kahzovich a high ranking scientist for the human robot program had a idea that shook our entire reality.  Why not push the prison system into service of the public by locking their consciousness into a specially designed human robot servant?  The first year of testing found men that would tower above a crowd frozen like a popsicle stuffed with implants and surrounded by metal in the small solid white and featureless body of what seemed to anyone as a obedient and soft to the touch drone.  These drones were then released into the general public under the guise of servant robots that were forced into labor.  Kept secret from the general public was that these are actually human beings and designed without even the ability to talk they had no way to express this fact.  Emotional firmware loaded into their pseudo brains kept them docile and non-violent.

    A year later something equally as great as greed came into play with this scenario, lust.  Kahzovich noticed the potential of turning the more non-violent of the prison population into not only labor but servants of lust to clients willing to throw around their money.  By this time the entire prison population was contained in cryo stasis as they spent their days in bodies with barely any ability to feel and no ability to communicate beyond a connected intranet.  The general public was hidden from these drones beyond seeing them take part in general labor and for all they knew the prison population was in cryo-stasis and would be kept asleep until their sentence ended.

    This is when a intranet-wide message was sent to all drones, they were given a alternative to their current existence that would offer more freedom and a real body to exist in again.  Most of the population of course agreed to this but only the non-violent were accepted into this unknown experience.  I was one of these prisoners and event took part in the first wave of prototypes to find themselves in these new drones.  Now before I go on further with my story I want you to know a little more about myself.  My name is Alan I was born in Virginia and grew into a man of six feet and broad shoulders.  I was thrown in jail for possession of illegal drugs after I was pushed into a drug deal by someone I used to consider my best friend.  I have been in jail for close to five years and recently celebrated my 30th birthday in what was a maddening cell in the shape of a featureless and small white body.

    The first thing I remember when waking up in one of my new bodies was a flashing light from a technician checking me for signs of life.  He was covered from head to toe in blue scrubs the only details I could make out was the persons white skin and green eyes but only because of of their exposed eyes through the layer of garments.  At first I could hear nothing but what sounds like a blaring train at the end of a tunnel, the voice slowly started to calm in volume and become more masculine.  "Can you hear me?" he asked, I tried to respond as fast as I could but my muscles were sore and in pain I muttered "Yes I can.".  I was instantly stunned, not from a physical reaction or a stutter to the connection to my original body but from the sound of my voice.

    Firstly I haven't been able to even use my voice for what seemed years and even I barely remembered how my voice even sounded but it definitely wasn't like the voice I just expelled from my mouth.  It was the voice of a woman, my first reaction was the sit up but the only physical action that happened was a pathetic attempt to lift my upper body away from the bench I was rested on.  The technician focused his attention on me again after leaving my view seconds ago "Please stay calm I will calibrate your muscles momentarily.".  Before I could respond the soreness of my body dissipated and I felt like I haven't felt since frozen into a metal pod.  "Now please sit up and don't be alarmed you will notice some changes." The technician said in what seem like a nervous voice.

    As my sight sharpened and my body raised I saw exactly why this man's voice was nervous.  This room was full of beautiful women and this prompted me to look down in dread of what I might see.  Two large breasts were pushing down on my chest and further down I could see a shaven pussy.  To even make sense of what I was seeing I reached and touched them but I wasn't prepared for the sensitivity the designers of these bodies found just.  I moaned loudly and involuntarily while arching my body as if a bolt of electricity was traveling through.  The event with any sense of the word was paralyzing and thankfully I had the sense of control to stop myself from any further exploring.  "I'm going to need you to stand and follow the red lines on the ground."  Following these actions weren't that hard as it wasn't my first time recalibrating to a new body.  I walked in a feminine fashion which seemed like a instinct programmed into this body along the red line.

    All interaction beyond that room was only with machines, as I walked down lonely and sterile hallways completely naked.  I found myself following instructions that appeared in my sight to test motor functions from time to time and even passed one-way mirrors that were most certainly viewing boxes for the sake of the designers.  Eventually I came upon doorway as I walked in the red line quickly disappeared behind me as the door closed and locked.  The comfortable room I found myself in felt more like a hotel room than a cell.  It had a main living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.  The rooms were large and the technology state of art from the walls displaying news in crystal clear definition and the cook in seconds kitchen appliances.

    The room excited me so much that I had even forgotten about my new body let alone the fact that I was completely naked.  Instructions lighted into my sight again telling me to get dress and even describing techniques on how to put on a bra.  The clothes were nothing fancy but they were comfortable and fitted automatically to my new body as I put them on, another state of the art feature in this room.  I found it all too good to be true but when it came down to it I really didn't care and I wasn't complaining.  Before I could sit down I heard the door opening to the room and saw one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen walk through. 

    As I was minutes ago she was completely naked but her first reaction was to question me as to what was going on as if I had any answers to even give her at the time.  "Hey you!" She said with her eyes glaring at me and covering her sensitive areas. "What the hell is going on here?!"  I couldn't help but stare as after all I'm still a man in the general sense but I piped up before the situation became even worse. "I'm going to guess you just woke up as a women too?"  Her furious face started to calm as she realized we shared this situation.  "Here come with me I'll show you where some clothes are, you can trust me I won't hurt you."  She reluctantly walked over to me trying to keep her large breasts and pussy covered from sight.

    As we walked toward the bedroom something odd happened that caught both of us off guard a doorway opened next to the doorway of the bedroom.  We looked inside to find another bedroom that was completely identical to the first one.  "I guess this is your room" I said.  "I'll leave it to you to find your clothes just follow the instructions they are sending to you to get dressed."  I walked away from the room but before my glance turned away I couldn't help but stare at her perfect ass.  I quickly changed my glance when a sudden pain shot through me, I was hungry... no I was starving!  I walked hastily towards the kitchen unable to run in this new body and found bare counters with no visible cabinets and appliances that I barely recognized.

    Suddenly the counter top changed into a blue light show covered in options and awaiting my command.  "I need something to eat." I said in the voice that was still freaking me out.  The counter instantly turned into a menu of food from around the world.  I instantly responded with my favorite food that I haven't had since going into prison.  "Shrimp Alfredo with root beer!"  The counter flashed into a timer of one minute and counting.  As I waited I could hear the other girl having a hard time getting dressed and shouting "Damn these large breasts!"  I couldn't help but giggle and feel a little turned on but not enough to detour my hunger.

    The counter suddenly started to raise and within a lighted and hollow box was a plate with the most wonderful smell in the world.  The only girl entered the room and saw the food I ordered and without hesitation ordered her own.  We both sat at the table and ate without even looking up to stare at each other.  When done we were clearly stuffed and looked at each other with delight but still confusion of each other and the situation.  "So who are you really?"  Without need to stay hidden I went to reveal my identity.  "I'm.... jeeee...."  As I tried to force my name out of my mouth my mind wouldn't allow me to do so.  "Jennifer, wait that isn't my name!"  She looked at me in confusion and said.  "Stop playing around jerk... my name is Mercedes.".

    In almost full harmony we said to each other.  "What the fuck?!"  It was apparent that we were being forced to take on identities and were not allowed to exposed out true identities to the outside world.  "I'm not liking where this is going and I know that you're clearly not Mercedes even though you're being forced to say it.  It seem as if we have no choice by the play along with their game and for this kind of treatment a name change isn't much of a burden."  After a confusing and filling meal we were both clearly ready for sleep and we both retired to our own rooms.  I went to bed straight away without even worrying about a shower let alone anything else and I fell asleep as soon as my head hit my pillow.

To Be Continued

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