Monday, June 3, 2013

Prisoner of Lust - Chapter 2: Roomates

    As I returned to my bedroom more instructions popped in my sight.  "Please return to your bathroom and put on clean clothes."  Sure enough as I walked into my bathroom there were clothes that were similar to the first clothes I was given.  Before even attempting to change my clothes I brushed my teeth and took a hot shower.  Stepping out of the shower I picked up the tattered and soiled clothes on the floor and threw them in the waste hole in the wall which again quickly disappeared out of sight.

    "Lay down in your bed for adjustments."  Popped up.  Adjustments?  What the hell could that be?  I laid down onto the bed only to be greeted by another message.  "Motor control being rerouted, please stay calm you're not being harmed."  In that instant I was cut off from controlling my body, my eyes closed as soothing music and the illusion of a beautiful park came to life in my head.  "What the hell is going on here?"  I thought to myself.  "Process beginning."  Came up and went away in seconds as my body started heating up until I almost felt on fire.  "Sensations now in Off Mode."  The pain was gone but this did nothing to help my anxiety from shooting up.

    Minutes passed as my mind raced and finally my eyes opened for a moment the skin I could see was boiling orange.  "Cooling started."  My skin returned to a more normal color in seconds.  "Sensations now in On Mode."  If I could move I would have flinched from the second of pain I felt but it soon went away with no residual pain but a little soreness.  "Motor control returned, please stand infront of the mirror for examination."  As I slowly stood up, still recovering from soreness, the room felt bigger for some odd reason.  I walked into the bathroom and found the mirror, I stood in shock.

    The body had changed, I looked younger maybe even barely 18 and shorter too.  I wonder what other tricks these bodies can perform?  This is just flipping crazy!  "erchhh"  I grasped my stomach.  "Oh god I'm starving this process must speed up my metabolism a insane amount."  I ran for the hallway only to bump into another girl I've never seen before, we collided and slammed onto the ground.  I landed on top of her, our faces looking directly at each other.  "Jennifer?!" "Mercedes?!" We exchanged as fast as we collided.  It was clear we both just experienced something very similar...  We helped each other onto our feet and walked together towards the kitchen.  We were both clearly starving by our combined hurry towards the counter.  We both ordered our food and ate together, not a word was said at the table.

    After eating Mercedes sat there staring down at her plate with a look of shock on her face.  It would be insane to guess what exactly was causing this shock, our new lifestyle, lesson one or these new bodies so I decided to stay quiet about it.  "How about we watch some TV and ignore this situation we've fallen into for a little bit?"  I said with a smile.  Mercedes slowly look at me and I guess couldn't help but smile back at me as she nodded.  We both headed to the TV.  "You go ahead and choose."  I said, after choosing some old movie called Count of Monte Cristo I decided to just cuddle up and watch on the large chair.

    For about 30 minutes the movie had my attention but I couldn't help staring at Mercedes, she was beautiful.  She had lovely blonde hair and a tight body that wouldn't last a second in prison.  Before I knew it my new pussy became wet, not for the first time mind you, but the first time for a woman other than myself.  Barely noticing myself I had slid my hand into my pants and started to rub my pussy.  I closed my eyes and hoped she wouldn't notice that my attention had diverted from the movie.

    Just to check that my actions were still in secret I opened my eyes to be met by the smile of Mercedes, she had crawled over to me without me even noticing.  "Were you excited by the men in this movie or by me?"  She said jokingly, I made a disgusted face at her and turned away.  "I'm sorry Mercedes I was staring at you and couldn't help it."  She grabbed my skirt and pulled it off.  "Right answer"  Before I could even reject the situation, though I'm not even sure that I would, she had already pulled my panties to the side and started licking my fresh pussy.  We both started the moan in concert with the barely furnished room echoing our cries of pleasure.  Her tongue started to caress my clitoris and pleasure shot through my body like never before.

    "TV off."  The sound of the movie stopped when a masculine voiced commanded it.  "Now ladies you're not supposed to be having sex outside of your lessons right now but as your technician I'll allow it.  Remember if you don't follow my commands you'll be decommissioned you dumb sex androids."  Apparently not even this guy knew where we had come from but as he took off his pants to expose his large dick I didn't think we were going to like his intentions here.  I hurried into Mercedes's ear and whispered  "Look I know you know what to do this either but let's just make this guy happy and leave or we'll be back on labor duty."  She nodded and left on a fake smile.

    He walked over and placed his cock between our lovers embrace.  "Now start sucking."  Feeling guilty for even starting this situation I went ahead and started servicing the man.  The pleasure through my lips and tongue started again also and I had no choice but to moan in pleasure.  Mercedes soon followed in my steps and began sucking him off at the same time.  Our tongues carressed his cocking back and forth for at least a minute before he grabbed my head and started forcing it down my throat.  I was excited by the situation and started touching myself.  "Go ahead and suck my balls while your friend here deepthroats me honey."  Mercedes slowly and clearly reluctantly starts to service the mans balls as he violates my mouth.

    "Enough stop!"  He pulled us off with effort as our pleasure was holding us on like we were sucking on lollipops.  "I almost blew me load down your throat honey.. but I wanna try that sweet pussy of yours first."  He said looking directly at my face which still had saliva connected between my lips and the tip of his dick.  He picked me up and laid himself down onto the chair, his dick stood like a flag ready to be mounted.  "Now saddle up for a wide honey."  He couldn't keep himself from smiling as the words passed through his lips.  I put my knee onto the side of the chair and swung my body over his cock, saliva and precum spread all over my legs and crotch from his cock.  I used my fingers to slide his very lubed cocked into my very wet pussy it went in so fast that this new sensation caught me in shock.

    My pussy felt completely full and my facial expression became controlled by passion.  "Oh god this feels good!"  I said without even a thought beyond what I was feeling at that very moment.  These words did nothing but make him more horny as his hot cock pulsated inside me.  "Now work those hips."  I began to pivot my hips in a circle on my cock, it started to move in and out and I could do nothing but scream in pleasure.  Mercedes watched both of us closely like a student being taught a lesson, I guess she couldn't help but jump in and started licking and sucking on my very perky nipples.

    After a few minutes of extreme pleasure I grasped his legs with my arms behind my back and started to force myself harder onto his hard cock.  I was coming to a wall of pleasure that I needed to break down and finally it did as I came for the first time ever as a woman, I fell onto his chest while my juices squirted around his cock and my hips continue to move up and down.  "Off now!"  He screamed as he pushed me onto the floor, his hand grasped the back of Mercedes's head and pulled her mouth onto his cock as he came.  The asshole wanted nothing more than to blow his load in her mouth.  "Now clean it up like a good girl."  Merecedes sucked up his sperm and my juices and sucked him dry.

    "Good job girls, let's do this again some time."  He said as he pulled his lab clothes back on and began to leave.  I stared down at my pussy my juices mixed with his precum were still slowly escaping and looked up to see Mercedes her eyes in tears and her face and lips covered in sperm.  What happened next was either out of shame or just the pleasure controlling my mind as I kissed and licked the cum off her face and ate it.  She returned the favor by licking and cleaning my pussy.  We carried each other in shame to my bathroom and took a shower together with embrace.

    "Day cleared for rest, please relax."  Came into my sight.  I guess what just happened wasn't exactly private between us.  I dried her off and helped her get dressed and took her to my bed as we laid together and slept.  No words were exchanged between us until the next morning until we both woke up again in different bodies and again surprised by the sight of each other.

To Be Continued.

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