Sunday, June 2, 2013

Prisoner of Lust - Chapter 1: The First Lesson

    I woke up to the sound of a alarm and met with the usual text I see every time I wake up.  This time however with some slight differences for one instead of being welcomed with my name I'm welcomed by just Jennifer and a to-do list for the day.  The first thing I see is called Lesson One, this can't be good I thought to myself.  I raised myself out of bed and into the bathroom stripping my clothes off for the first time ever I sat and went to the bathroom and continued into the shower.  As I felt the warm water rush down my body I had almost completely forgotten about the recent changes to my body.  As I looked down I couldn't help but feel flattered by what I could see, I really had a killer body.

    Before I could attempt to explore my new body I was reminded of my lesson and told to clean without delay.  I stepped out of the shower and told to walk into what looked like a pod.  I closed my eyes after and held my breathe as instructed as a flash bled through my eyelids for a instant.  The pod opened and I walked out as I was welcomed to a mirror and a insanely attractive girl that mimicked my every move.  Not only did the pod dry me but It applied makeup and styled my long dark hair.  I couldn't help but think that the woman staring back at me was a goddess and would be worshiped by any man.

    A door popped out at the end of the bathroom near the door and contained clothes that I was instructed to put on, unlike my other clothes these were more provocative but not bad enough to scream prostitute.  As the only clean clothes in sight as my other clothes disappeared into a hole in the wall that was no longer even there I decided to put them on.  As I walked back into my bedroom a doorway opened into a hallway and I received orders to again follow a red line I did this while the doorway behind close.  Suddenly text appeared in my sight.  "You have passed physical tests and have been introduced to your new environment, you will now start your first lesson."  Once I finished reading the hallway behind me shut closed, the red line left as fast as it came and the walls extended out creating a dark carpeted but bare room. 

    The instructions continued.  "There are rules you must follow and punishment results in returning as your existence as a labor drone.  Rule 1: You must follow all commands as long as they do not result in self harm or harm of others.  Rule 2: You must never reveal your real identity and you must assume your new identity.  Rule 3: You must follow all commands given to you by your superiors as long as they do not contradict with Rule 1 & 2.  Rule 4:  You must never take part in any criminal or violent act again.  Please nod yes to agree.".  I could never return to the existence of a labor drone so I nodded yes in agreement.  As soon as I did this a doorway opened and a larger tanned man walked in.  He was naked and definitely already seemed excited about his future prospects as shown by his fully erect penis.

    "Come here honey." he said.  "It's time for your first lesson, hahaha." The idea of even walking towards this man made me want to resist but the words I just read also echoed in my mind causing me to obey his command.  As I walked over to him he ripped off my top and exposed my breasts, he groped me which shot pleasure through my body.  "Don't be afraid to moan I know you're going to like this... after all your new body was designed to like it more than any woman alive."  What he said was true the pleasure I was experiencing merely from being groped was more than I ever felt as a man.  I moaned like a pornstar but unlike a pornstar my cries of pleasure weren't just for show.  He stopped me as I tried to grasp my pussy.  "Not yet honey this lesson doesn't cover that.  Now on your knees."  His smile and words filled me with disgust but I knew I had no choice so I obeyed his commands. 

    His giant cock filled my vision as he wiped his precum around my mouth but something clicked inside me.  All of a sudden I started feeling pleasure in my lips and even my tongue.  "Now open wide like a good girl."  My mouth opened by his commands and his large cock entered my mouth filling my throat and all I could do is moan.  "I see you really like cock don't you?  I had no idea you sex androids were going to be so hot."  As my throat was being violated by his cock the text suddenly appeared again.  "This man does not know you are a drone controlled by a person but instead thinks you are a highly advanced sex android being tested and give lessons on how to give pleasure.  Remember the rules and consequences, this is your new identity and you must keep it or else."

    I understood and continued to suck on his cock, not that I didn't want to as the pleasure out of these actions were amazing.  I even got a thrill out of the fact that he was enjoying it too, as I continued to slurp and suck his large cock he started to moan and loosen his grip on me.  Before I knew it I was doing it on my own and sucking on him harder and harder.  "Girl... calm down honey!"  He had to force his cock from the grasp of my mouth.  "You almost had a mouth full of cum there girl, I want this to last a little longer you know?  How about you put those hot lips to work and suck my balls a little?"  Without much hesitation I again went for his cock, I first started at the tip and slid my tongue down to his shaven balls and started sucking and licking them.

    He moaned so hard in pleasure that he couldn't help but start jerking off while I sucked.  Before I knew it he yelled.  "Open wide!"  I tilted my head back and opened my mouth to receive a huge about thick load into my mouth.  I've always heard that cum tasted vile from girls I've been sucked off by but something must've been done to this body as it tasted like candy to me.  It tasted so good that I sucked him dry and cleaned any cum off of my own face and ate it.  He smiled at me and said.  "Better than I could have ever expected... best I've ever had.  Worth every penny!"  He then walked back towards a doorway opening again for him to leave.

    Instruction lit up in my sight again.  "Lesson One passed, please return to your room by following the red line."  As I walked back basically topless in a ripped dress I could only feel disgusted in what I just did.  I just sucked off another mans cock... and I liked it.  Something tells me this is a existence that I'm going to have to get used to but it's still better than being a labor drone.  "To-Do List: Rest for 5 hours..."  I guess I'll see what this life holds for me in the future... I wonder if Mercedes is alright...

To Be Continued.


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