Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Some Changes

Hello Everyone!,

I decided to go ahead and make it a little easier to read new news about my blog and even find the download the collection articles.  The will now be posted on both the main page and their own separate pages.  I will also be working to add the tag caption to all my captions so you can easily sort between my video and picture captions.

Download the collection will continue being posted every Sunday however I will only be posting a single daily Hentai Transgender as I have run out of games to post but whenever I find a new one it will be posted.  After quite the great reception I will continue posting download links for the entire Hentai Transgender for every download the collection.  Other things I have changed include the fact that anyone can now comment on my articles instead of just registered users so please if your not registered share your opinion I would love to hear it.

I will also be trying my hand at Hentai captions!

Thanks for the Support!,

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