Sunday, April 4, 2010

Download The Collection: 4/4/10

Don't feel like having to go picture by picture to download my whole collection to your computer well don't worry as I have the answer for you!  I have archived and uploaded the archive to Rapidshare!  If you have already downloaded the older collection extract this one over it and replace files!

Rapidshare Download Link! (26 MB)
Includes 40 captions and 6 captionseries.

Hentai Transgender: (756 MB)

Rapidshare Download Link 1 (200 MB)

Rapidshare Download Link 2 (200 MB)

Rapidshare Download Link 3 (200 MB)

Rapidshare Download Link 4 (156 MB)

15 Doujins, 11 Game CGs and 1 Artist CG.  Rapidshare has limits after downloading one it will tell you that you have to wait for how many hours before downloading another.  To get around this turn off your router and modem for 5-7 minutes reconnect and your IP address will change and will reset your time.  If you have any questions leave a comment!

Happy Easter!

Whether or not you see any new captions today is up in the air but I just might get some out later tonight!

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